Why Did I Pick Istanbul To Start My Journey?

8-23-23 Selcuk Turkey

People asked me why I decided to go to Istanbul as my first place to visit. For me, the answer was simple. I had been to Istanbul twice before, and I liked it. I was comfortable with the people and familiar with the tourist area. That made it a great choice to start.

I knew I would have to adjust to my new life. And having to worry about adjusting to an unfamiliar location would have just added more stress to my trip. And why would I want to do that? And so far, it’s been a great choice.

For me, Istanbul is a safe place. I don’t feel nervous. In fact, sometimes I worry because I feel too comfortable here. I walk around at 6 am and 12 pm and feel very comfortable. And even though Istanbul is packed with tourists, most tourists here are from Turkey.

Secondly, Istanbul has amazing historical sites. From the Walls of Constantine, Hagia Sofia, and the Blue Mosque. Museums have artifacts from the city of Troy to mosaics from the city of Babylon. And it’s not unusual to see date markers on buildings dating from the 13 and 14 hundreds. Which is older than the country I was born in.

Besides that, Istanbul has some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered. Yes, I’ve run into a few rude people here and there, but for the most part, people are friendly, and helpful. Sure, their are pushy sales people, who are out to make a fast buck or want to sell you a rug. But you should expect that in a heavy tourist area.

And more importantly, having a good friend like Gem to hang out with. Even if he insists on paying for everything. Thanks Gem.

So from someone who has been to Istanbul 3 times and spent more than 30 days here. I would highly recommend that you add it to places you should visit.

Until next time, enjoy life’s journey.

Joe OBrien

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