Warning: Only Read This If You Need More Money To Retire In The United States… And Want to Travel The World.

Retire Comfortably: Travel the World on a Budget

About a year ago, I realized it was finally my time to retire and enjoy life. But when I looked at the numbers, one problem became clear: the cost of living in the United States is ridiculous.

The Cost of Living in the United States

Health insurance, car insurance, rent, and everyday expenses quickly increased. I didn’t need an accountant to see that I would need another job to make ends meet. It was disheartening. You work, you pay taxes, and Social Security takes a cut from every paycheck. When you finally reach the golden years, the support isn’t enough to scrape by, and they still tax what little they give you.

Could I Travel the World Cheaper Than I Could Live in the United States?

I started thinking: Could I live abroad more cheaply than in the U.S.? I discovered some eye-opening facts. You don’t need to live in the U.S. to receive social security or a pension. I looked into travel insurance, mail forwarding, visa requirements, and staying in touch with loved ones.

I checked places to travel on a fixed income, and guess what? I’m doing it right now.

As I type this, I’m in Kotor, Montenegro, surrounded by stunning mountain views, crystal clear water, and an ancient fortress. During a five-and-a-half-month fact-finding mission, I visited ten other countries, checking hotel prices, tourist attractions, livability, travel options, and the cost of food.

How You Can Do It Too!

This weekly blog and my monthly newsletters are all about learning how to retire and see the world, even on a fixed income. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Budget-Friendly Countries: Places with three and four-star hotels costing between thirty to forty dollars a night. Start Here.
  • Travel Planning and Packing Tips: Avoid my mistake of overpacking and learn how to plan for extended trips. Find Out How To Pack
  • Cost-Effective Travel: Discover how to save money on travel arrangements.
  • Staying Connected: Tips on affordable ways to keep in touch with friends and family. Save with ESIMS

And so much more…

Until next time, enjoy life’s journey.

Joseph OBrien

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