Will April Become The New July?

8-25-23 Selcuk Turkey

While I’m traveling, some news stories catch my eye. And one was about European travel experts considering changing their marketing to make April the month to visit. Why? Because of global warming.

Western Europe had to deal with tourists suffering from summer heat. Rome was over 100 degrees, Paris suffered the same conditions and Istanbul was no different. It was around 100 degrees the first week I was there.

And yesterday at Ephesus, it was 93 degrees and no shade to be found, except next to the slivers of shadows cast by ancient pillars. You could see peoples faces as the heat drains tourists of their energy. But It was great day for sellers of over priced water and ice cream.

And this is going to have an impact on traveling. Why? Because no wants to spend their vacation sweating their ass off while trying to visit historical sites. Which, by the way, were not designed to handle visitors in this type of heat.

So for all of us who got to travel before consider yourself lucky. We had the chance to avoid the heat and enjoy visiting counties in decent weather. Sure I had to experience hot days here and there, but nothing like now.

But my biggest regret is that my grand kids won’t be able to do the same traveling I did.

Until next time, enjoy life’s journey.

Joe O’Brien

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