Fail Forward Fast

Istanbul Turkey 8-21-23

Fail forward fast is a marketing term I first heard about 10 or 15 years ago. It meant that it was better to take action and fail. Then to wait till everything is perfect. Which usually means nothing gets finished because there’s always one more improvement. That goes for starting exercise, starting a business, or just about anything.

Even though I heard the terms years ago I didn’t start living it till now. And that’s because to do what I am doing, you will learn more by doing and making mistakes than you will learn by research alone. This is why when I paid to talk to a marketing consultant about starting a blog, he said his number 1 piece of advice was to start ugly… but start.

He said, everybody that has a blog usually hates their first six months of posts. However, they learned more in those 6 months by doing than they would have by waiting. And that’s why I’m telling you this. If I waited till I had every detail about this trip right, I would still be at home working on it. that’s just a fact.

I once told my brother Pat about a trip I made thru Louisiana. I thought it would be cool to take the southernmost road from New Orleans to Houston in the heat of July. It wasn’t fun. For most of the trip, it smelled horrible. (from what is called swamp gas). And there is absolutely nothing to see. Hot, clammy, and boring.

And when I told my brother this he said, whenever you travel you always learn something. Even if it’s nothing more than never going there again, you learned something. And so it is with this trip. I learned a lot in just three weeks by doing.

There are things I won’t do again and there are things I should have thought about. But I would have never learned that if I never got going. So my advice to anyone thinking about doing something, is don’t suffer from paralysis by analysis. Don’t worry about every little detail before you go. Just get the big things covered and jump in the water.

Like a great book title said: “You can’t learn to ride a bike at a seminar.”

Until next time, enjoy life’s journey.

Joe OBrien

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