How I Pick Places To Travel And Keep Costs Down. (Including This Trip).

8-18-23 Istanbul Turkey

My answer is simple, I want to go everywhere, I want to see the world. So I always pick the best bargain I can find. And I have found many great deals. For example, I once booked a room in Madrid, Spain, for nine nights, along with round-trip airfare for under one thousand dollars. If fact most of my seven to ten-day trips cost under thirteen hundred dollars. And that includes hotel and round-trip airfare.

So how do I manage that?

Let me give you my most important tip to keep your costs down.

And that is, I’m never married to going to one place. Sure, I wanted to go to Rome and Athens, but if the deal wasn’t good, I looked elsewhere. And that has created many opportunities. For example, Vienna Austria. And St. Petersburg, Russia. Both of these places were just good bargains. And this is one way you can travel to more places and get a better bang for your buck.

Because if the hotels and airfare are cheap, then probably so is the cost of meals and attractions. Or at least that’s what I found. Many people are focused on going to one place, like Paris for example. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to visit somewhere in particular. But many people get laser-focused on one place. But when they look at the cost they are turned off. And never go anywhere.

And besides having your heart set on any one place, the second most important thing is to be flexible about the times you want to go. Because every city has a tourist season and prices go up because everyone is going there. For most European cities the months of June to September are the most expensive.

But if you’re flexible on the time frame, not only will it save you money. But you will avoid the crowds. And in a tourist town, that’s a big plus. Both with your time and money.

So, being flexible with the places to visit and the time of year you go. Will save you time and money. So you can visit more places. And remember, over time, it adds up to an adventurous life.

So until next time, enjoy life’s journey.

Joe OBrien

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