30-Day Report Card

8-30-23 Plovdiv Bulgaria

Let’s start with problems. Yeah, baby.!

By far the biggest issue I’ve had was sleeping. But I guess the stress of selling everything I own. Packing all my belongings in a small suitcase and backpack, getting on a plane, and heading overseas for five months has worn off. I now sleep better. My blood pressure has dropped and I’m a lot more relaxed than I was just a week or two ago. And I’m loving every minute of it.

So here are a few things I’ve been keeping track of…

Exercise. A
When I was getting ready for this trip, I started walking four or five times a week for an hour or two. And it’s a good thing I did. Because from 8-13-23 to 8-26-23 here’s my walking stats. 218,932 Steps translates to 39.7 Hours of walking. Covering 93.3 Miles. Not bad for an old guy.

My Blog. B+

I spend at least two hours a day five to six days a week reading books about blogging, watching YouTube videos about website design and layout, and writing and posting pages. It may not look like it, but you will notice changes little by little.

Social Media. C+

Okay. I know my kids, nieces, and nephews could run circles around me when it comes to social media. However, I’m SLOWLY getting up to speed. I now have a Facebook page @ Fixedincomenomad. Along with an Instagram account @ Fixedincomenomad. I’m happy being the tortoise.

Magic C

In my free time, I am practicing new things and rehearsing tried and true material. It’s something I enjoy doing and sharing with people.

Meditating Regularly C

After a couple of weeks of trudging through some guided meditation tapes, I’ve settled on a quiet meditation five or six times a week. It’s like running a marathon. You slowly build up your endurance and stamina.

Until next time, enjoy life’s journey.

Joe O’Brien

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