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7-28-23 Volo, IL.

These should be considered a starting point, not a definitive guide. Visa and entry requirements change constantly and, as of this writing, are changing. And because I have no idea when and where you’re traveling, you will have to do your own research.


Of the ten counties I will visit in my first six months, only Vietnam and India require a separate visa. These visas can be applied for online for a small fee.

The most significant factor if you will be required to get a visa is where your passport is from. Having a visa, from the United States, will get me into eight countries, on this trip, with what is known as a VOA visa. Which stands for Visa on Arrival. Which means you can get the visa when you arrive at the airport. Some require a fee, like Turkey. Most have no fees, and stamp your visa when going through immigration.

( It was just announced, that thirty counties in Europe will require a visa application to enter starting in 2024. These are not available yet. But the press release says the completed visa form will allow access to the thirty counties for three years. Do your homework).

Entry Requirements

Just because you have a visa doesn’t mean they will let you in! During my research, I discovered quite a few entry requirements. Most are simple, like having six months left on your passport and at least two blank pages. Other countries may require vaccinations or travel insurance, for example.

So, people, it’s your responsibility to find out what counties you’re visiting require.

Length of Stay

Every country has a limit on the amount of time you can visit. Some may be so many days a year, others may be only thirty days per year. And this can get tricky.

For example, in Europe, there is something called The Schengen Area. This group of countries, twenty-eight right now, that combined only allow you to stay ninety days in a one hundred and eighty day period. So, as a tourist, you can only stay in countries like France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and twenty-four more countries, for a combined total of ninety days in any one hundred and eighty day period. And two more countries, Bulgaria and Romania, are expected to join in 2024. So again, do your homework.

Penalty For Overstaying

The worst story I read about overstaying a visa is this…

A man, from the United States, in his twenties decided he liked the Czech Republic so much he decided to stay about a year. When he went to the airport, immigration stamped his visa and he left for an Asian country.

But when he arrived, immigration went through his visa and noticed he overstayed his stay in the Czech Republic. They stamped his visa as “Illegal”, and sent him on a plane back to the Czech Republic. Upon arrival, they looked at his visa and told him to find a place to stay and contact the United States Embassy. The story goes it took him months to get back to the United States.

What Happens if Your Passport is Stamped “Illegal”?

Basically, your passport is no longer good. You can’t use it anymore to freely travel. Instead, you have to apply for a visa for every county you visit. And this is a major hassle. For example, in the Schengen area you are allowed to move freely among the twenty-eight countries. But with an Illegal passport that may become an issue if discovered.

So again folks, do your homework. Or pay the price.

Until next time, enjoy life’s journey.

Joe O’Brien

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